Building a Reputation for Impactful Reports

From gathering the data to designing the pages, Vault supports clients from cover to cover.

A lot of hard work and strategic thinking goes into crafting an impactful report of any kind. Whether disclosing financial activity or showcasing environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance, clients come to Vault for reporting strategy and guidance. We help our clients make the most of their reports and realize business goals — all while lightening their reporting lift with full-service content development. They count on our team to collect the data, crunch the numbers, visualize data through design, and elevate their business in the eyes of stakeholders.

From chemical and biotechnology companies to retail and non-profit organizations, Vault has helped develop reports for businesses across a wide range of industries. Our team is equipped to manage all facets of reporting from framework alignment, data collection and benchmarking strategies to internal and external positioning and promotion — and everything in between.


Integrating report frameworks with finesse.

When reporting on corporate performance, it’s critical to choose an appropriate framework and track the right metrics. Vault is well-versed in a range of global reporting frameworks, integrated reporting and more. Our team coordinates directly with internal stakeholders to collect data and ensure the right disclosures are met to support key business goals. 

For the past five years, Vault has worked with a global materials manufacturer to illustrate its sustainability transformation through the company’s annual sustainability report. Vault initially aligned reporting with the Global Reporting Index (GRI) standards for the company’s first GRI-compliant report in 2019. Each year since, Vault has elevated the reporting further, adding disclosures aligned with the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) and the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD). 

Leveling up content development and design.

Compelling copy and visuals can take a corporate report from basic to beautifully executed — and exceptionally well-received. Vault handles the writing and design of annual reports for an extensive roster of clients. Our team knows how to make a report cover attract the intended audience, while interpreting complex concepts and making data digestible for readers on the pages within. For one client, Vault’s annual integrated report designs have resonated so well, they’re extended to all of the company’s branding for the year.

Supporting clients across industries.

Vault’s recent work has included writing the inaugural ESG report for a prominent retailer of party goods, positioning a utility company’s impact and financial results in a 10-K wrap, and highlighting a nonprofit LGBTQ health care provider’s community support through its annual report. And that’s just a snapshot of our wide-ranging report development capabilities.

Extending reach beyond the report pages.

Our work doesn’t stop once the report is published. Vault helps clients leverage reporting to build their company’s reputation, stand out among competition, and attract customers and investors. Our strategists employ digital, media relations, thought leadership, and internal communications tactics to broaden report reach.  

Amplification efforts for one manufacturer’s sustainability reporting include supporting a year-long campaign featuring microsites, videos, social media graphics, newsletters and employee training sessions. These efforts have resulted in not only a positive shift in how employees regard the company’s sustainability efforts, but also a growing reputation among industry peers for transparent sustainability reporting and innovation.


First foray into expanding your reporting structure? No problem.

Many of our current reporting clients came to Vault with an interest in expanding their reporting structure for the first time, but with no clear direction forward. Whether a long-term retainer client or a one-time report client (spoiler alert: our report clients often turn into retainer clients), we offer tailored approaches to clients seeking to amplify their reporting impact. Our team establishes the right framework strategy and content development approach to best achieve company objectives, keeping in mind the many nuances that come with internal stakeholder management. 

Let’s work together.

And by work, we mean exceed your expectations every step of the way.