Strategic Communications & PR Services

The big-ideas-that-take-off, bottom-line-is-top-priority, help-yourself-to-the-Starbucks-machine agency.

In a rapidly changing communications landscape, tried-and-true is often tired. Doing something simply because it has “worked” in the past isn’t the Vault way. We believe effective strategies do more than work; they work above and beyond for our clients’ objectives and bottom line.

We get it right the first time — our work doesn’t need to be rewritten or spell-checked. We flag the trends before your kids tell you about them. We’re on it, always.

If Vault’s approach to public relations was a dating profile it’d likely read a lot like this:

Confident, never cocky. There’s no ego with Vault, just strong counsel, smart ideas and a “we’ll handle it” attitude from every single person on the team. You can bet that the entire agency had a chance to weigh in on your next big campaign — from the seasoned practitioner known for playing devil’s advocate to the Gen Z rockstar who made a compelling case for TikTok.

Expect the unexpected. With a 30+ year track record, we’re well acquainted with tried-and-true techniques — but we couldn’t offer our clients the incredible results they deserve if our cupboards were full of cookie cutters.

Trustworthiness level: Tom Hanks. We know no other way to work than with integrity, honesty and in your best interest. We pride ourselves on sharing the update before you thought to ask for it. We flag the trend pieces immediately (and have likely contacted the reporter offering your CEO for expert commentary) before your Google Alerts even hit your inbox.

Strategic Communications & PR Services


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Thought Leadership

Thought leadership isn’t just wielding an opinion and taking a stand. When it comes to our clients’ stakeholders, the goal is to win hearts and minds every day with an authentic narrative that tells an impactful story and builds loyalty. From speaking engagements and media tours to op-ed articles and LinkedIn posts and just about everything in between, we partner with our clients to create content that consistently connects and buzz that builds, to differentiate brands and dominate industries.

Crisis Support

Being a true extension of our client teams means we are trusted for our steady hands, smart strategy and unflappable nature each day — but when crisis strikes, we never let our teammates down. We know the value of quick (sound) thinking, but also understand that while thinking quickly on your feet is always valuable, acting quickly might not be.

Media Relations & Training

We work hard across industries to build serious trust with media and ensure they know when Vault’s reaching out, it’s with a pitch worth reading — and the first step to that confidence is digesting the news, knowing the audience opinions that matter to our clients and knowing how media like to talk about the issues that matter. From there, we are armed with the tools we need to develop the perfect strategy to get the stories our clients want to tell in front of the right readers, viewers, listeners and scrollers to drive measurable results.

Need to make a statement?

For crisis support, public relations expertise, and killer communications strategies — we’re ready to dig in!