Best Egg

Developing a Corporate Narrative that Builds Financial Confidence

Best Egg, the industry-leading financial confidence platform, turned to Vault to develop a comprehensive corporate narrative that would establish its unique positioning and align with its recent visual rebrand. A growing fintech company, Best Egg offers personal loan, credit card, flexible rent, and financial health tools to help people with limited savings confidently navigate their everyday financial lives.

In a crowded financial services industry, it was important for Best Egg to express its brand purpose and offerings with messaging that was clearly differentiated from competitors. Vault interviewed stakeholders across the Best Egg organization, surveyed the competitive landscape, and facilitated executive workshops to craft a brand story that would resonate with consumers and inspire employees, while attracting investors and supporting higher valuation.


Getting to the heart of the Best Egg brand.

Vault kicked off the corporate narrative development process with a deep dive into the world of Best Egg, exploring from both internal and external perspectives. We conducted an extensive discovery phase that included a landscape analysis, competitive and media audits, a review of customer insights, and hours of stakeholder interviews with Best Egg’s leadership team.

We fully immersed ourselves in research to determine what truly sets Best Egg apart as a brand and as a business. That meant reading as much brand material as we could get our hands on, as well as speaking to employees from different departments and all levels of the organization.

Writing and workshopping an authentic narrative.

Following discovery, Vault moved into the positioning phase to develop and refine core components of the narrative: the brand purpose, unique selling points, key messages, a corporate identity, a brand personality, and a tagline.

We held several collaborative workshop sessions with Best Egg’s marketing, brand, and executive leadership teams along the way to ensure we were staying true to the brand and considering all audiences, while supporting strategic business goals. These regular checkpoints were critical for internal alignment and to generate excitement around the new narrative.

Putting a new tagline to the test.

With positioning complete, Vault coordinated with Best Egg’s insights team to begin message testing. We tested elements of the new corporate narrative with customers and employees – two of their core audiences.

Through this process, we landed on a tagline that spoke to these stakeholders and clearly differentiated Best Egg from other personal loan companies and fintechs: Be Money Confident. Short, ownable, and memorable, the tagline is a powerful statement of Best Egg’s brand promise – to help customers make financial decisions with confidence.

Message testing helped us infuse all elements of the narrative with clear, reassuring, helpful, and fun language that would resonate with core audiences while exuding Best Egg’s brand personality.

Unveiling the corporate narrative to employees.

To share the new narrative with the whole Best Egg organization, Vault trained executive leaders in the new messaging framework and helped them introduce it to their team of 900+ employees at a company-wide meeting. We also conducted individual team and agency-partner training to ensure consistency in narrative usage during the rollout and beyond.

Vault also created a narrative guide to serve as a roadmap for employees and brand partners to understand and effectively communicate Best Egg’s positioning, as well as to help them start using the new tagline. Additionally, we developed a corporate profile to briefly tell Best Egg’s story and summarize key differentiators to investors and other external stakeholders.

While working on our corporate narrative, the Vault team challenged us to look deep within and recognize the amazing work that we’ve accomplished as a company. Vault’s thoughtful, hands-on approach made the narrative process engaging and fun. Our executives and team members felt like valued members of the process, and we’re thrilled with the final outcome, including our new tagline: Be Money Confident.”

Lisa Albiston
Senior Director of Public Relations at Best Egg

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