National Pest Management Association 

Taking Over Bug TikTok by Swarm 

Driving engagement and educating younger consumers through buzzworthy short-form videos.  

In April 2021, the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) entrusted Vault to launch the official PestWorld TikTok account to increase awareness of pest control topics, while positioning PestWorld as the leading go-to resource.

Embracing the popular video-sharing app took a giant leap of faith, but the non-profit association’s early adoption paid off in short order – in less than one year, the Vault team grew the account from 0 to 25.1K followers, garnered over 3.2 million video views, and drove over 17.6K users to its consumer website,


Creating content for the bug curious.

Vault leveraged pre-existing video footage and produced new, off-the-cuff videos to capture the attention of curious users while keeping PestWorld’s TikTok profile up to date with the platform’s latest trends.

Vault developed engaging posts by pairing trending sounds with fascinating clips of bugs, showcasing the expertise of PestWorld entomologists, and providing fun facts for viewers. The short-form videos were soon crawling with likes and views!

Attracting new followers in droves.

To build PestWorld’s TikTok presence, Vault prioritized organic posting and creative content development. In addition, two paid advertising campaigns were launched to boost engagement and drive traffic to the Find a Pro tool on, which encourages users to hire a local professional for their pest control needs. From April 2021 through December 2022, our TikTok efforts drove 31,998 users to

Today, the PestWorld TikTok account has attracted over 94K followers and is growing by the day. It has amassed millions of video views from its launch. Under Vault’s management, the profile continues to generate buzz and spread awareness about the health and property risks posed by pests, and for the important work of pest control professionals.

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We can always count on Vault to keep a finger on the pulse of the ever-changing social media landscape. In 2021, with our business goals top of mind, our trusted partners encouraged us to explore this emerging video-sharing app as a means to reach a wealth of new, intrigued consumers who were itching to learn more about the world of pests. In the years to follow, we’ve certainly found our niche on TikTok and continue to leverage this popular platform to provide users with educational pest content.”

Jim Fredericks,
Senior Vice President of Public Affairs for the
National Pest Management Association

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