The ICEE Company

Envisioning Sweeter Futures for Cancer Patients 

Crafting an inspirational brand identity and creative campaign to amplify the company’s philanthropic activities, starting with blood cancer research. 

ICEE Hope was created to inspire ‘sweeter futures’ for those in need. Launched in conjunction with the nomination of J&J Snack Foods President and CEO Dan Fachner for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) Tennessee Man of the Year Award, ICEE Hope’s inaugural campaign not only surpassed the fundraising goal of $100,000 — it broke LLS Tennessee’s fundraising records with more than $252,000 in donations.  

Vault played an integral role in shaping the ICEE Hope brand identity and amplifying the LLS campaign message across the region through targeted media distribution, paid promotion, and an organic social media strategy. 


Developing a brand with vision. 

Pronounced “I SEE hope,” ICEE Hope expresses optimism and builds on the company’s existing philanthropic efforts. Vault turned the brand name into a powerful statement with a tagline – “for sweeter futures” – that completes the hopeful message. 

Vault designed a logo for ICEE Hope that plays on classic ICEE branding while personifying the vision of a better world. In signature Blue Raspberry and Cherry hues, the symbol evokes nostalgia while communicating heartfelt purpose with its shape. 

Raising awareness to raise funds. 

To spread the word about ICEE Hope’s inaugural campaign, Vault developed an organic social media strategy that highlighted Fachner’s personal dedication to the fight against blood cancer. The Vault team produced supporting creative assets that included a video of the J&J Snack Foods President announcing the fundraising campaign. 

When ICEE Bear was invited to join Nashville Predators’ mascot Gnash’s birthday bash to promote fundraising for LLS, Vault designed social graphics to drive attendance and secured placements on local media including CBS (WTVF) Nashville. 

Immortalizing the ICEE with NFTs. 

As part of the campaign, ICEE collaborated with American pop artist Burton Morris to launch the company’s first series of branded non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The immortal ICEE Swirl NFT and collectible cards brought ICEE flavors to life with eye-popping 3D animation. 

By developing and launching a paid social media strategy, the Vault team engaged a variety of audiences, including NFT collectors and ICEE customers and fans. Additionally, the NFT auction and collectible card sales attracted attention and coverage from publications including Crypto Insider Review, Social Media News Today, The Tennessee Gazette, and Food Industry Review. Even sweeter, all proceeds benefited ICEE Hope’s fundraising for blood cancer research. 

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