Leveraging Patient Stories for Treatment Advancements

Putting patients front and center to generate awareness about nerve repair.​

As a global leader and pioneer in peripheral nerve repair, Axogen’s mission and operations are firmly centered on improving patient outcomes, with a marketing and communications strategy that puts patients front and center. To increase awareness for Axogen’s patient-focused mission, Vault was tasked with generating media coverage for patient stories on a national scale and in targeted regional markets to help educate patients, surgeons and other key stakeholders about advancement in nerve repair.


Leveraging timely hooks to drive coverage.

Vault developed a proactive patient media strategy that leveraged patient milestones, awareness months and timely hooks, ranging from Breast Cancer Awareness Month interviews with breast neurotization patients, to an “avocado hand” pitch focused on an increase in traumatic hand injuries around the Super Bowl, to a steady cadence of stories highlighting surgeon and patient pairings. Vault secured more than 40 patient-focused stories, ranging from top-ranked DMAs to national coverage including PopSugar, Newsweek and FOX News, generating $2.6 million dollars in publicity value.

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