Jessica Martin

Director of Employee Experience

Vault’s most likely to…
Have purple hair.

Jessica came to Vault from the nonprofit sector, where she fine-tuned operations as COO of organizations including For Pete’s Sake and NephCure. A natural problem-solver, she quickly proved her ability to streamline processes, troubleshoot technology and create resources for Vaulters that they didn’t even know they needed. From facilities to HR, Jessica singlehandedly directs a range of critical functions at the agency to shape an employee experience worth bragging about. Ask anyone at Vault, and Jessica’s name is synonymous with “life-saver.”

Jessica holds a B.A. in Liberal Studies and a minor in Theater from West Chester University. She lives in Collegeville with her husband, Scott, and three daughters, Cassidy, Ali and Becca.

Fun Fact from the Vault:

She has seen every episode of Law & Order: SVU multiple times, but never remembers how they end.