Featured Work


Churning Up Media Relations Success

Think creating a custom butter sculpture of two of the most iconic morning news personalities holding Thomas’ English Muffins can’t be done? Think again. To generate buzz for Thomas’ in advance of National English Muffin Day, Vault ‘churned’ up the idea of crafting TODAY Show co-anchors Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb out of the English Muffin’s perfect match: butter! Both ladies were hand-sculpted in buttery goodness by nationally known butter artists and showcased holding Thomas’ Original English Muffins while the anchors chatted about the holiday behind a desk generously displayed with Thomas’ products. The creative and buzzworthy stunt was a hit during TODAY’s fourth hour garnering significant airtime with more than 1.6 million viewers and a heartwarming personal anecdote from Kathie Lee about her nostalgia for the Thomas’ brand.


Key Opinion Leaders for Key Health Milestones

To raise awareness of Hologic’s unique product offerings across the company’s breast and skeletal health divisions, Vault identified key health milestones — Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October and National Osteoporosis Month in May — to partner with priority facilities offering Hologic 3D Mammography™ systems and bone density exams to garner local media coverage for both the facilities and Hologic. Vault worked with Hologic to select priority sales regions and choose and train Key Opinion Leaders — doctors — across the country.

Both programs were incredibly successful. They garnered more than 100 placements across the country and reached a combined audience of more than 7 million, while also aiding the sales teams to merchandise these media placements with prospective customers and foster valuable relationships with key hospitals and facilities.


Showcasing Sustainability Strategically

At Trinseo, a leading global chemical materials manufacturer, a commitment to top-notch safety measures, environmental sustainability and community service is at the core of the company’s culture. Vault set out to bring this “way of life” to life on the pages of the company’s annual Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility Report. We gladly culled through chemical emissions data and read up on regulatory standards to create a compelling, 60-page story of the company’s impressive EH&S performance.

Beyond producing the printed report, Vault formulated a strategy to translate the content across multiple channels. We concepted and created an infographic video, web copy and graphics, and social media posts to support the report’s launch. To even further the reach of the report and share Trinseo’s achievements industry-wide, Vault successfully secured media placements in top manufacturing trade publications.

National Pest Management Association

Media Spring for Seasonal Pest Forecast

To bolster the National Pest Management Association’s ongoing consumer education on pest-borne illnesses, Vault created The Bug Barometer, a bi-annual forecast of regional pest activity and weather patterns, compiled with insights from the NPMA’s expert entomologists.

With growing concern about Zika virus and Lyme disease, Vault helped NPMA seize an opportunity with news sources eager to discuss Bug Barometer predictions, including outlets like Popular Science, Buzz60, Business Insider, The Weather Channel, The Howard Stern Show and syndication across more than 70 NBC local affiliates’ broadcasts.

NPMA’s expert pest predictions were featured in more than 385 media placements, for an estimated total of 126.4 million impressions, helping NPMA spread awareness about spring and summer pest populations, how to protect against them and when to call in a pest control professional.


National Coverage for a Big-Hearted Birthday Bash

On his 70th birthday, BAYADA Home Health Care Founder Mark Baiada wasn’t receiving gifts, he was giving a big one: his company. Mark retired from his role as BAYADA president to help oversee the transformation of the company into a nonprofit entity and appointed his son, David, leader of the organization. To share this news, Vault executed a multifaceted external communications plan to celebrate Mark’s birthday and his unique decision to place mission over money to create a lasting legacy for the company. Results from the campaign included national coverage in INC Magazine and major health trades, as well as dozens of national, regional and local outlets across the country that underscored BAYADA’s unique company culture.