Tom Lynch Chief Financial Officer

Having served as a controller, auditor, corporate tax manager and CFO, Tom Lynch has packed on more metaphorical financial management muscles than Hercules over his more than 30 year career. Having cut his teeth at KPMG and going on to amass commanding experience in management consulting, tax planning and preparation, budgeting and forecasting, Tom has proven more than equipped to slay every many-headed financial beast thrown his way. And he does it while continually building the arsenal of tools — both digital and physical — that enable our Vault team to do their jobs efficiently and well. This Game of Thrones-reading, Mountain Dew-drinking, Fela Kuti-jamming, CPA-holding, reality TV-watching father of three is just the hero we needed … so much so that if he came strolling into the office and Bonnie Tyler’s cult hit “Holding Out for a Hero” started blaring in the distance, you’d actually start liking that God awful song. We’re proud to have him putting his superhuman financial and operations prowess to work on behalf of our agency and our clients.

Born In: Sanford, FL

Current Residence: Doylestown, PA

Family: Wife Kelly; two wonderful sons Tommy Jr. and Brendan and the greatest daughter in the world, Shelagh

Education: B.S. Accounting from Fairfield University

Favorite Junk Food: Mountain Dew

Pets: Tucker, an awesome Duck Tolling Retriever

My Life’s Motto: Let’s do it for Johnny!

Favorite Band: somewhere between Pink Floyd, Fela Kuti, Lightning Hopkins, Miles Davis and Motorhead

Little Known Trivia Fact: I am still haunted by the memories of that improv class I took in college.

Favorite Vacation: the mountains or somewhere else that’s quiet, peaceful and not crowded

Favorite TV Show: If you don’t believe that The Wire is the best show ever created, then we can’t be friends.

I’m Embarrassed That I Like: Reality TV. Been hooked since Battle of the Network Stars in the 70s, through the Real World and now, Ink Master

What I Wanted to Be When I Grew Up: disc jockey