Shannon Rosiak Senior Account Executive

Shannon’s been a PR pro in the making ever since she can remember. The mothers from her Girl Scout troop affectionately referred to her as the “CNN of Bucks County.” Since then, she’s more than earned her public relations badge through experience that is quintessential Philadelphia. Concentrating on the city’s sports scene (with a touch of healthcare!), Shannon has worked with the Philadelphia Flyers, The Hamels Foundation, and, most recently, Independence Blue Cross, where she completed a rotational program between corporate communications, marketing and sales and associate communications. At Vault, her innate nose for news goes to good use as she helps support national media relations campaigns and keeps close tabs on clients making headlines.

Born In: Philadelphia, PA

Aliases: Rapunzel

Education: B.A. Strategic Communications and Public Relations from Temple University

Pets: My dog, Sir Reginald (Reggie.) He is a 10-year-old Coton de Tulear, which is like a Bichon. He’s the perfect mix of puppy and grumpy old man.

Favorite Junk FoodAnything with Oreos and peanut butter 

I Heart Vault BecauseThere isn’t a moment that someone isn’t willing to lend a helping hand on a project, or help each other achieve success! 

Little Known Trivia Fact: My birthday is on Halloween.

Favorite Muppet: Miss Piggy. Sass and class.

Most Wanted Client: Make A Wish Foundation

A Celebrity Encounter I Had: I won a radio contest in 2011 (yes, people really win those) and met Britney Spears, my childhood idol.

What I Wanted To Be When I Grew Up: A professional singer

Desired Work-Related Superpower: I’d love to have the psychic ability of knowing the exact moment when a new broadcast clip appears during a crisis.

Favorite Word in the English Language: Sparkle

When I’m not at Vault, You Can Find Me: Baking up a storm in the kitchen (cupcake cakes are my specialty), or spending time with with people I love most!

Favorite Bumper Sticker: If you have a stick figure family wearing Mickey Mouse ears, I basically aspire to be you.