Sara DeViva Vice President, Creative Strategy

It’s no wonder that her surname translates to “alive” in Spanish — because that’s exactly what she does to every piece of creative she touches at Vault. Sara joined Vault in-house after a long and successful relationship as our freelance designer through her namesake firm, DeViva Design. Prior to that, she amassed significant experience in design at two advertising agencies. As our wildly talented Director of Creative Strategy, Sara oversees a team who delivers impactful, effective design that has been known to make a client or two drool.

Born In: Glen Cove, Long Island, NY

Current Residence: Plymouth Meeting, PA

Aliases: Mom MOM MOM

Family: A husband named Mike, a tomboy named Lily, a human Cabbage Patch Kid named Cora, a cat named Kat and a dog named Freddie Mercury.

Education: B.F.A. Communication Design from Kutztown University

Totally Grossed Out By: Noses

Life’s Motto: Good enough isn’t.

Worst Movie I’ve Seen (but not-so-secretly love): Xanadu, with a soundtrack by ELO for the win.

A Campaign to Remember: #bagelmoji for Thomas’

Most Wanted Client: Philadelphia Museum of Art

Least Favorite Word in the English Language: Prim

I Want to Teach the World To: Learn the difference between a prime symbol and a quotation mark.

My Haiku:
For best results, bring
A detailed creative brief
And chocolate donuts.