Samantha Kamen Associate Vice President

Samantha Kamen can tell you a wise woman’s tale about the power of keeping in touch. While your childhood best friend might have once hooked you up with the best playdate ever, eventually, your childhood best friend might also hook you up with a job interview. After growing up alongside Vault’s own Ariel Vegotsky, Samantha went on to complete her degree in Rhetoric and Communications at the University of Pittsburgh. She immediately launched a vibrant career decorated with a wealth of diverse and relevant experience from working in newsrooms, as on-air talent and as a both a client-side and agency-side communications professional. Also the founder of an allergy awareness blog, Samantha landed her most recent role as marketing and communications manager for the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, which gave her an amazing opportunity to weave her personal and professional passions together. Equipped with many lenses and good lessons, Samantha leverages these at Vault for the benefit of her clients and colleagues alike. And every once in a while, she gets to have lunch with her childhood best friend (although we haven’t yet bought them their own sandbox to sit in.)

Born In: Central New Jersey

Current Residence: Chalfont, PA

Aliases: SamBam, or Bam. Never just Sam. Ever.

Education: B.A. Rhetoric and Communications from the University of Pittsburgh

Favorite Junk Food: Hot dogs are life. Also kettle corn. Basically, I’m happiest eating carnival food.

Proudest Professional Moment: Running an entire gala at the Ritz Carlton in New York to benefit a pediatric cancer foundation (and introducing Emily Blunt, John Krasinksi, Iron Chef Morimoto and Chef Ming Tsai at the press conference).

Pet Peeve: When someone cancels plans extremely last minute. Don’t do it unless one of your limbs is falling off.

I Heart Vault Because: It just feels like home. Everyone is so friendly, encouraging, charismatic and funny! I know most people suffer from the Sunday blues, but come Sunday night, I’m excited to go back to work the next day.

Worst Movie I’ve Seen: Sharknado. Sorry everyone, but as a self-proclaimed storm chaser, this movie is superfluously inaccurate. Also, sharks.

Biggest Phobia: Flying. I know it’s safe, but if I can’t personally fly, how can a giant metal tube? Come on.

Little Known Trivia Fact: I used to be a resident singer at The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C.

I’m Embarrassed That I Like: The Bachelor/Bachelorette. I’ll rarely own up to it, but you better not call me on a Monday night at 8:00 PM EST. Actually, make that 7:45 PM, as I’ll be getting my snacks and wine ready.

Most Wanted Client: Nathan’s Hot Dogs.