Rachel Zatcoff Media Relations Specialist

While we’re known to pop a celebratory bottle or two (or three…) at the office, Rachel brings a whole new meaning to the world “bubbly” at Vault. With an innately outgoing personality and an always-sunny outlook — not to mention awe-inspiring attention to detail and a fearless approach to media pitching — she has clients and colleagues alike toasting “cheers” to have her on their teams.

Rachel began her career in New York City with PR agency Development Counsellors International, where she worked in the tourism practice to promote travel destinations from the Finger Lakes to Peru (she was a double major in Communication and Spanish, after all). After travelling back closer to her roots outside of Philadelphia, she continued honing her PR skills as an account coordinator at Hornercom before settling in at Vault.

Born In: Philadelphia, PA

Current Residence: Warminster, PA

Family: Husband Brad

Education: B.A. in Media & Communication and Spanish from Muhlenberg College

Proudest Professional Moment: Booking a client on The Rachael Ray Show after pitching (for months and months and months).

Runs On: Cheese

Pet Peeve: When people are late

Dream Dinner Date: Bernadette Peters or Gloria Estefan

Best Vacation Ever: Santorini, Greece or Seville, Spain

Desired Work-Related Superpower: Telepathically knowing whether or not a reporter was actually interested in my pitch

My Celebrity Encounter: While in Edinburgh, Scotland for the Fringe Festival, I accidentally walked in on Joan Rivers in a room off the hotel lobby. She spent time talking to my friends and I, and we invited her to the show we were performing in!

Favorite Muppet: Ernie

I’m Embarrassed That I Like: Costco pizza (it’s that good)

Most Wanted Client: Institute of Tourism of Spain (“Visit Spain”)

I Want to Teach the World To: Celebrate the little things

My Haiku:
I am from Philly
And I love cheesesteaks a lot
But, pizza is life