Patricia Rowe Stofanak Senior Vice President

Patty Stofanak has traveled nearly 200,000 miles from her home in Lehigh Valley to Vault (and back again) since 2006. Aside from her obvious strengths of loyalty, work ethic and immunity from car sickness, Patty also delivers a daily dose of media relations prowess, project management skills, Hulk-like tenacity, attention to detail and strong strategic thinking to her appreciative clients. Before joining Vault, Patty worked in Rural Development for the U.S. Department of Agriculture, where she focused her energies on helping rural area families, fire departments and community centers secure government grants and funding.

Born In: Allentown, PA

Current Residence: Breinigsville, PA

Aliases: Hulk, P-Stofe, Diddy

Education: B.A. Advertising and Public Relations with a minor in Sociology from The Pennsylvania State University

Family: Husband Eric, daughter Mila, son Luka, two dogs, Howard and Arthur, and cat Whiskers (AKA “Cat”)

Favorite Book: Jane Eyre, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn or Leaves of Grass – all books I used to read to my Grandmother.

Personal Hero: My Dad. He’s a retired volunteer firefighter and fire marshal, and has saved many lives throughout his career.

I Heart Vault Because: We’re a family.

Biggest Phobias: Clowns (Don’t even think of sending a pic of Pennywise…)

Desired Work-Related Superpower: Teletransportation

My Celebrity Encounter: Locking eyes and giving the coolest nod/smile combo to John Cusack as we walked past each other on 5th Avenue. It was a perfect moment.

Best Media Placement: An executive profile piece in Institutional Investor. Also served as a client spokesperson for a live, national interview on The Weather Channel’s “Weekend Now”

Most Wanted Client: Crayola

My Haiku:
I live for PR
and respect the news cycle
for big client wins.