Nadine Leeper Graphic Designer

As smoothly as a kayak on a glassy lake, Nadine glided in as the newest member of Vault’s creative team. She’s been a welcome addition to both our growing crew of designers and the growing office contingent of nature lovers — we want her calm demeanor and imaginative thinking with us now and when the time comes to take to the forests. An artist since she first picked up a ball of Play-Doh, Nadine’s talents blazed a trail toward the Tyler School of Art at Temple, from which she recently graduated, producing an impressive portfolio of innovative, beautiful work in various mediums along the way. At Vault, she brings a perspective as fresh as a field of mown grass to the firm’s graphic and digital media projects, plus the kind of pleasant, can-do attitude that also makes her a great caretaker for her two handsome pups. Working with Nadine is like taking a rejuvenating stroll through the trees. We’re as grateful for her serene manner as we are for her inspired artistic eye.

Born In: Ridley, PA

Current Residence: Ridley, PA

Aliases: Deen, Deener

Education: B.F.A. Graphic and Interactive DesignTyler School of Art, Temple University

Pets: A handsome bulldog named Tank and an overly stressed out boxer named Jake

Favorite Junk Food: ‘So Delicious’ Chocolate coconut milk ice cream

Totally Grossed Out By: caterpillars

Dream Dinner Date: Keanu Reeves

Personal Hero: my grandmother

When I’m Not at Vault, You Can Find Me: kayaking

Little Known Trivia Fact:  I was born with two earlobes on one ear. Rest in peace, extra lobe.

Favorite Muppet:Beaker

Saturday Cartoon I Loved as a Kid: Always and forever will be Spongebob Squarepants

I’m Embarrassed That I Like: Minions

Starbucks Order: Caramel Macchiato with almond milk

Most Wanted Client: Sephora

Least Favorite Word in the English Language: phlegm

I Want to Teach the World To: properly recycle