Liz Semon Associate Vice President

I’ll take “Vault Superstars” for $400, Alex. This former client turned colleague is an idea machine, knows how to dress to a theme and loves trivia. If you answered “Who is Liz Semon,” you’re the next Vault Bio Jeopardy champion — and your prize is getting to know Liz even better. Liz spent years leading the marketing and communications efforts for Big Brothers Big Sisters Independence Region, where she managed the nonprofit’s comprehensive public relations strategy, executed marketing campaigns for eight annual fundraising events and developed talking points and messaging for C-suite executives and board leaders. She impressed us then, and she’s since posted multiple high scores at Vault thanks to her next-level creativity, laser-sharp focus and attention to detail. These skills came out early with an eye-popping Mrs. Doubtfire costume that handily took home the prize in her first-ever Vault Halloween costume contest, and they’ve since been put to fantastic use serving our clients across a number of different industries. Add to that her killer writing skills, event planning prowess and Disney princess charm, and we’ve got a real communications winner on our hands…one who will ruthlessly take you down in a quizzo of her own creation.

Born In: Harrisburg, PA

Current Residence: Flourtown, PA

Aliases: Lizzard, Double Z, Elizabeth (my full name)

Family: Husband Nick and dog Willow

Education: B.A. Advertising/Public Relations from Penn State University

Proudest Professional Moment: Overcoming a fear of public speaking and emceeing a dinner reception for 300 guests

Runs On: MorningStar Farms Chik’n Nuggets

Pet Peeve: Slow walkers, wrinkly clothes and when people say “I could care less” when they really mean “I couldn’t care less”

I Heart Vault Because: It’s an empowering workplace for women!

Worst Movie I’ve Seen: Van Helsing

Little Known Trivia Fact: I’ve officiated two weddings: my brother and sister-in-law’s and two close friends

Best Vacation Ever: Going to Disney World with five of my best friends a few years ago. We had coordinating shirts for each park, homemade trivia games to entertain us in line, and other organized fun, like assigning ourselves to be country ambassadors in EPCOT.

My Celebrity Encounter: I met half of the cast of The Office (American version) at the series wrap party in Scranton. I challenged Rainn Wilson (Dwight Schrute) to a thumb war. He may have won, but I walked away with a great story.

Favorite Muppet: Rolph

Most Wanted Client: MorningStar Farms

My Spirit Animal: Golden Retriever. They have a generally friendly disposition, prefer to sleep 18 hours a day, enjoy being around people and have effortlessly great hair.

I Want to Teach the World To: Bunt. It’s a lost art, and one of my only athletic abilities.