Kelly Lynch Director of Finance and Administration

Ways that Director of Finance and Administration Kelly Lynch resembles dance instructor Lydia Grant of the 1980s hit TV series “Fame”: 1) was a dance teacher; 2) has amazing hair and 3) pushes all of us to be our best in a low, charming, yet insistent tone of voice. Vault might not be a collection of misfit teenagers with big dreams, but keeping our agency humming smoothly is no easy feat of choreography. Luckily, Kelly has the chops to keep this company in line. Since her first day at Vault, Kelly has put her impressive accounting background and warm presence to fantastic (her favorite word) use. With more than 15 years working in varied roles from companies such as KPMG and Pitney Bowes, Kelly brought invaluable experience in forecasting, budgeting, planning and auditing to her Vault audition. Plus, she boasts enough poise and discipline to balance an entire encyclopedia of onboarding documents and employee handbooks on her head while dancing circles around our sometimes-finicky office machines and gadgetry. A loving mother of three children and a devoted animal lover with a menagerie at home, managing a big cast of larger-than-life characters is second nature to Kelly, who delights her colleagues and our clients with friendly, personal attention every day.

Born In:  Derby, CT

Current Residence: Doylestown, PA

Aliases:  Mom, Momma, Mommy, Moooooooom!

Family:  Husband Tom and children Tommy, Shelagh and Brendan

Education: B.S. Accounting from Bryant University

Pets: dog Tucker, cats Chewy and Yoda, and turtle Rocky

Totally Grossed Out By: Fruit on pizza

Pet Peeve: People who keep stuffing garbage into a full garbage can. Why not just take it out?

Dream Dinner Date:  Harry Connick Jr.

I Heart Vault Because:  I am working with clever, witty and wonderful people.

Biggest Phobia: driving off a cliff

My Life’s Theme Song:  “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”

I’m Embarrassed That I Like: “The Bachelor” and Dr. Phil. (I guess because they make me feel so “normal”).

What I Wanted to Be When I Grew Up:  veterinarian