Jess Phelan President

After cutting her teeth in public relations agency life through internships, Jessica Phelan began her career with Vault in 2003 fresh out of college and rose through the ranks in less than five years to become a partner at the agency in 2008. Known and appreciated for her tenacity, sharp communication skills, journalistic mind, pursuit of innovative and emerging tactics, concise writing skills and relentless client focus, Jess leads several accounts at the agency while also holding responsibility for Vault’s talent acquisition, development and retention.

Born In: Baltimore, MD

Current Residence: North Wales, PA

Aliases: JRae, Chief, Mommy

Family: Husband Tim, sons Lucas and Benjamin, and dog Tali

Education: B.A. Communications and Political Science from James Madison University

Runs On: Little sleep and lots of Diet Coke

A Client Compliment I’m Proud Of: Being asked to step in for the client and play an interim executive role on their behalf for nine months

Personal Hero: My grandmother

Biggest Phobia: Driving through tunnels

A Memory from the Vault: Visiting Chester, IL for its annual Popeye Picnic and judging an Olive Oyl look-alike contest for a Prego sauce PR campaign we did for Campbell Soup Company

Most Wanted Client: Mexico Tourism Board

Favorite Word in the English Language: Recalcitrant

Least Favorite Word in the English Language: Moist

Favorite Bumper Sticker: Bumper stickers leave marks on your car — no thanks.