Danielle Corrato Account Manager

Danielle Corrato joined Vault after beginning her career at Tonic Life Communications, one of the region’s leading healthcare communications firms. During her three-year tenure at Tonic, Danielle had the opportunity to develop her media relations and writing skills on several high-profile national campaigns. Always setting the example for the power of positivity, Danielle builds rapport quickly with clients — not only based on her client service and responsiveness, but also for the quality of her approach and ideas.

Born In: Torrance, CA

Current Residence: Roxborough section of Philadelphia, PA

Aliases: Dan, D, Triple D

Family: Husband Steve, daughter Sophia and dogs Hannah and Kira

Education: B.A. English and Communications from Cabrini College

Runs On: Chocolate

Pet Peeve: People who leave their carts in the parking lot at stores – just walk the extra few steps and put it away

When I’m Not at Vault, You Can Find Me: At spin or barre class, walking my pups, eating gnocchi or spending time with friends/family

Biggest Phobia: Snakes – could barely type this word

Little Known Trivia Fact: I have an obsession with pineapples 

My Celebrity Encounter: High-fiving Jimmy Fallon 

A Campaign to Remember: The media relations campaign that I recently worked on for The ICEE Company’s 50th anniversary, which resulted in a trip to TODAY, Delish and Pop Sugar

I’m Embarrassed That I Like: Justin Bieber’s songs

Favorite Bumper Sticker: No bumper stickers at all