Catie Gainor Senior Account Executive

While “To be, or not to be at a public relations agency” was the question dominating Catie’s internal monologue, it was her final answer that made us applaud. Most recently serving in multiple marketing roles for Shakespeare Festival St. Louis, Catie turned in her scripts and corsets for press releases and complementary Vault sunglasses. Having also amassed valuable experience in communications for the Saint Louis Art Museum (SLAM), Catie lights up the Vault stage with her energetic personality, and colors our world with smart and strategic thinking. Her English Literature and Art History degree from Washington University in St. Louis is unquestionably valuable, but her education from the Improv Shop sharpened her wit and ability to think on her feet. Catie commands the spotlight for so many reasons and she gladly shines it on clients grateful for her counsel and creativity. Oh, and she can bake better than the mutant hybrid child of Betty Crocker and Paula Deen.

Born In: Secaucus, N.J., but I grew up down the shore in Spring Lake.

Current Residence: Center City Philadelphia

Aliases: Honestly, even my parents call me “Catie Gainor.”

Education: BA in English Literature, Washington University in St. Louis

Family: Husband Matt and cat Benny

My Life’s Motto: “Life is a rich tapestry.” I say it so often that my friend had a shirt with the phrase on it made for me!

Favorite Band: I’m an “original cast album” kinda gal lately.

Pet Peeve: This is a new one, and oddly specific: when people misuse the phrase, “The King is dead, long live the King!” You can’t just pick a noun and say the noun again, like, “The pizza is dead, long live the pizza.” The pizza is gone and won’t be coming back. You’re meant to mourn the current monarch and wish long life to the incoming one. So, if the King died and his daughter was his heir, it would be, “The King is dead, long live the Queen!” I just want to prepare people for updates to the monarchy.

Biggest Phobia: Typos

Little Known Trivia Fact: I can recite all of Dr. Seuss’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Yes, I am available for parties.

Favorite Vacation: Panama with my fiancé, Matt. Our Spanish skills were shameful, despite many years of classes between us, but it was still a bonkers awesome trip.

My Celebrity Encounter: I was waiting for the restroom at Upright Citizens Brigade LA when I looked up and saw John Mayer five feet away, also waiting. He was wearing a giant shark-tooth necklace, and is extremely tall in real life. A door opened between us before I could say anything, which is probably for the best.

My Life’s Theme Song: The theme song from Laverne and Shirley

Most Wanted Client: The Met or Viking River Cruises. I am the ideal PBS viewer.

I Want to Teach the World To: Make scrambled eggs. They are the best when done right.