Brie Genovese Vice President, Digital Strategy

They say if you love someone, set them free. Lesser known but equally poignant, they also say if you love someone, you can stalk their life periodically and then go snatch them back when opportunity presents itself. Such was the story of Brie Genovese, who made a triumphant return to Vault as our Director of Digital Strategy after starting her career at the agency years before. We originally discovered Brie on a Twitter career chat, where she impressed us big time with her hustle and savvy for a young seedling and recent Temple University grad. She joined Vault soon after and quickly blossomed into the firm’s social media star and thought leader. Years later, Brie broke hearts agencywide, announcing a hiatus from the PR world to dig her trowel into digital marketing and product development at a wholesale agricultural startup. In this role, Brie helped cultivate the brand, transforming a local business with shallow marketing roots into an innovative industry case study. There, she leveraged her personal passion for interior design, her inner artist’s eye, analytical mind and green thumb to all aspects of the company’s communications strategy, from logo design and product packaging to a complete social media overhaul and a newly created online store. Simultaneously, Brie grew her digital marketing and branding chops faster than that bamboo border you planted last year took over your entire yard. Now she’s back and better than ever, diligently tending to our clients’ digital campaigns and platforms, teaching her colleagues a thing or two about effortless style and incisive strategy, and making everyone green with envy over her fun and funky desk cactus and latest home renovations.

Born In: Lancaster, PA

Current Residence: Mount Royal, NJ

Family: Husband Mike and dog Cody

Education: B.A. Strategic and Organizational Communications from Temple University

Favorite Junk Food: Mac & Cheese

Proudest Professional Moment: Being named Greenhouse Management Magazine’s “Greenhouse Great for Marketing” in 2017

Favorite Band: Bonobo (he’s a DJ, not a band)

Personal Hero: Joanna Gaines

When I’m Not at Vault, You Can Find Me: decorating my house

Favorite Retail Store: Home Goods

A Celebrity Encounter I Had: meeting Queen Latifah backstage at the Wawa Welcome America concert a few years ago was SO COOL!

Saturday Cartoon I Loved as a Kid: Pepper Ann

Starbucks Order: Triple Grande Caramel Macchiato

Most Wanted Client: Rifle Paper Company

What I Wanted to Be When I Grew Up: marine biologist

Favorite Word in the English Language: Sacagawea, because it’s my mom’s favorite word and she says it so enthusiastically it cracks me up.