Amanda Tongue Account Manager

Thank goodness what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas. Because if that were the case, Vault wouldn’t have Amanda Polyak. Amanda started her career there at Kirvin-Doak Communications as an account coordinator, working on the MGM Resorts International business, as well as the nationally-renowned “Bodies: The Exhibition” and “Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition.” (She no doubt landed the job from completing two extremely relevant internships with the Philadelphia 76ers and The Food Network while in college.) When she returned back east, she brought her stellar media relations skills, sharp critical thinking, creative mind and good writing with her — much to the delight of her clients and colleagues.

Born In: Reading, PA

Current Residence: Reading, PA

Family: Husband Mike and a cute Shih Tzu named Mickey

Aliases: Bud

Education: B.A. Public Relations from Penn State University

Totally Grossed Out By: Any kind of seeds, especially pumpkin seeds – I cannot be anywhere near someone carving a pumpkin! Oh, and tomatoes.

Proudest Professional Moment: Obtaining a job right out of college in Las Vegas. It’s a great feeling to see all of your hard work throughout college really pay off.

Favorite Band: Dan and Shay, Big Time Rush and Backstreet Boys (yes, I am a boy band lover.)

Worst Movie I’ve Seen: Napoleon Dynamite

Little Known Trivia Fact: I’m pretty good at line dancing!

My Celebrity Encounter: Rachael Ray and Bobby Flay during my internship at The Food Network

A Campaign to Remember: Pitching Oreo Churros Creme Filled Bites for J&J Snack Foods in 2014

Most Wanted Client: NFL

My Haiku:
To me, heaven is
A large glass of Moscato
And Eagles football