Logan Yu Account Executive

Logan’s future’s so bright, he has to wear shades — and we’re honored that he’s chosen our Vault-branded sunglasses as his pair of choice (mainly because he’s the only person who wears them and we’re totally not bitter it’s fine lesson learned). After graduating from Hamilton College, Logan enthusiastically entered the real world with degrees in economics and communications and an impressive wardrobe consisting mostly of joggers. Before joining us at Vault, Logan dressed for success at Saxbys Coffee and the Friends of Valley Forge Park, developing social media content and marketing plans in client-facing roles. First as a Vault intern, he tailored a niche for himself as a go-to press release writer, crisis management enthusiast and “person most likely to walk in with a haircut somehow even cooler than his last one.” With his calm, collected demeanor and communications skills even sharper than his look, we felt comfortable taking Logan anywhere — which is why he became a full-time account executive who continues to hone his PR skills across many of the agency’s account teams. Plus, he regularly knocks our socks off with his ability to whip up (and share!) Stephen Starr-level meals with the office kitchen ingredients. Some skills are just innate.

Born In: Philadelphia, PA

Current Residence: Ardmore, PA

Education: B.A. Economics and Communications from Hamilton College

Pets: my sassy semi-obese white cat named Misae, which fittingly translates to “the white sun”

Favorite Junk Food: pistachio mochi ice cream and strawberry-kiwi Capri Sun, not at the same time though

A Client Compliment I’m Proud Of: “What’s that new guy’s name again? Kevin?”

Personal Hero: my grandparents on both sides of the family, who turned one suitcase and a scholarship into a loving and successful family.

When I’m Not at Vault, You Can Find Me:playing ultimate frisbee, taking too long to decide what to get at Wawa, or singing in the shower.

Biggest Phobia: any and all scary movies

My Celebrity Encounter: awkwardly stared at Aaron Paul from across a lounge in Hong Kong International Airport trying to figure out if it was him or not (I was only on season 1, episode 4)

Why Are They Famous: Flo from Progressive. Not sure why, but she just makes me uncomfortable.

I’m Embarrassed That I Like: the smell of newly laid asphalt (probably pretty bad for me).

What I Wanted to Be When I Grew Up: Like many other kids, I had dreams of being in the NBA — but gave up once my 6’ 11’’ cousin selfishly took all of the family’s height genes for himself.

Least Favorite Word in the English Language: If there exists a word that is the onomatopoeia for the sound of a metal utensil scraping against a glass plate… that.

Favorite Bumper Sticker: Adults On Board (We Want to Live Too)